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Remote proctoring in New Quizzes

We have used Proctorio for remote proctoring of exams.  We have a instructor who has put all of his quizzes in New Quizzes.  Now that we have to go remote, he has found that Proctorio does not work with New Quizzes.  There isn't a way (that I know of) to pull quizzes from New Quizzes into the old quizzes.  How can we proctor quizzes with New Quizzes?

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Welcome  @richardsonji  , to the Community.  Excellent question!  I don't have the answer, but hope you find it! User Group: New Quizzes

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Hi, Jilane.

This is the part where I share my sad panda face Smiley Sad

Right now new quizzes does not interface with third party plugins like proctor providers and there is not a way to convert back to classic quizzes without copying/pasting each question and answer. A timeline has been provided to the community that outlines key benchmarks that Canvas hopes to achieve ~ 

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 @richardsonji  there is some hope.  The new July 2020 release notes say that on 7/18/20 the Respondus Lock down browser will work with New Quizzes. It may include Respondus Monitor too, it's mentioned but not elaborated.   New_Quizzes_LockDown_Browser 

Our school also uses Proctorio, so I hope that will also eventually work with New Quizzes.

I hope so. Fingers crossed.

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