Removing small external link icon - need clear directions

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How do I remove the small external link icon in Canvas? It shows up on my homepage after I have inserted a link to words or pictures.  I am a teacher - not an HTML expert - please give clear instructions.  I searched and the answers given were not that clear to me.  Can anyone "dumb it down"?  Thanks!  

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my 2 cents if you haven't figured this one out yet.

Currently in canvas, there is a way to easily remove that little arrow icon.  Having built the link in the RCE, look at the html behind the link and adjust the <a href="...">link text</a> adding this bit as follows: <a class="external" href="...">link text</a>

make sense?  adding that class="external" definition to the link effectively hides/removes the arrow icon.  Seems that whoever wrote the global CSS didn't like the arrows as well.

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