Reopening Quizzes for Zero Points?

Community Member

A few of the students for a class I TA for have asked to retake quizzes as practice for an upcoming exam. Is there any built in feature in Canvas that allows me to reopen quizzes that give correct answer feedback without it affecting their original grade?

E.g., the student got an 8/10 where they saw their correct/incorrect answers, but now they want to retake the quiz for practice. So they take it again and this time they get a 10/10, however, this doesn't replace the initial 8/10 they got in their gradebook.

I know I can just reuse the question bank items in a separate quiz that is ungraded, but instead of making 7+ extra quizzes that will show up in their assignment pages, is there just a way I can do what I described above? Hopefully this makes sense, and thanks for the help.