Replies to Embedded Video Posts in Discussions?

Community Participant

I use discussions in my class and require video posts for presentations, and encourage video posts in the discussions. For both, we use a video hosting service (Kaltura), which has students embed videos in the replies. In the discussions, when students reply to video, whether it's video or text, those replies are not nested -- instead, they just go to the bottom of the discussion. There's no context, no @ symbol to the relevant post. Nothing. 

Clearly this is a bug and not a feature? 

As the instructor, I may go into the student reply and edit it, adding a couple of dots to in effect turn the post into a text post. But I can't do that for every single post. I do encourage my students to use the @ feature, but this is just something that needs to be fixed, right? 

Any workarounds in the meantime?