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I have been trying to work with requirements in a module. The goal is to require students to complete a quiz, which contains a case scenario, before viewing follow-up material to the case scenario. I went into the module / edit / requirements / selected the quiz / selected that they must submit the assignment. When I went in to test the settings in student view, I was able to skip the quiz and continue on through the module. I reset the student view and tested it again with the same result. 

The only way I have been able to get this to work is by setting both a requirement in the module where the quiz is located and then moving all of the content which comes after the quiz into a new module and setting a prerequisite in that module that students must complete the previous module. 

I am a little confused as to why simply setting a requirement in a module does actually require students to complete the quiz before moving on to the rest of the course content.

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Hi @JeffMartin you can check the option that students have to complete the requirements in sequence. This option can be check on the same page where you add the module requirements. Place the quiz before the other materials in the module. Students will have to submit the quiz before they can continue to the next content item in the module.

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