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Resume learning button

We recently ended an online programme. Some students complained when accessing the platform they cannot go straight to the last page they saw.Does a resume learning button exist? This could help students. 



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@matteo_tassi That is an interesting request, I am surprised that has not come up more.  There is not a button that currently does that but I am guessing some custom code could be written to pull that off.

We did add requirements to our modules for a class we thought something like that could be helpful where students had to mark things complete.  This way when they looked at the module view, it would have checkmarks next to everything they have done/viewed so far and they could easily see where they need to pick back up.  This is not nearly as fancy as a button that did it but it was an easy way for them to see progress.

There are also some Canvas add ons like DesignPlus that give you more tools and having a progress bar is one of them.  This also helps with returning to where you were.


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@nwilson7 thanks for your comment. We put requirements. However, participants to the programme are not entirely happy. They are executives so I try to stay in their shoes it makes sense. The access the platform occasionally and would like to go straight to where they had left the previous time. 

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Community Coach

Hi there, @matteo_tassi ...

I would suggest that you create a new Feature Idea for that people here in the Community can evaluate it to see if it is something they would also like to see implemented by the Canvas engineers.  Here are a few documents for your reference:

Hope this will help a bit!