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Robot Error Lockdown Browser

This afternoon a faculty member, myself, and a student all are getting this error when trying to use lockdown browser, all within the following systems:  the canvas app on ipad, the lockdown browser on Mac, the chrome browser on Mac, the canvas webpage on ipad, and the lockdown browser on ipad. I've tried updating, restarting googling, searching canvas and respondus support and talking to our other IT members.

Does anyone know what this "error robot" is trying to tell us (see attached) but I am unable to find a rhyme or reason behind the error. error robot on lockdown browser student view from administrator accesserror robot on lockdown browser student view from administrator access


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Hi Stephanie,

Are you seeing the robot when trying to take the quiz, or when trying to view the quiz results?

For students, if they try to go through the "Grades" menu item, Canvas puts up a 403 forbidden error, with a robot photo. 

Also, "Student view" is not yet supported with New Quizzes.   It will always produce the robot error when trying to take the quiz. 

For students viewing completed exams, have the student go to "Quizzes" (or the relevant module) and click on the quiz title again, which will launch LockDown Browser. On the page that appears in the browser, they'll see:

"To visit attempt history, click here."  If they click on the word "here," their attempt history should display, and after clicking the relevant attempt, the feedback would then display at the bottom of the page.