Rubric html script for simplifying rubrics in Student View

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I was told there was a way to create Rubrics in Canvas, using html, that will give the students a simplified look to the rubrics with a popup window when you hover over the rubric box. I was also told that you can color code rubrics in order to categorize them by year or subject. Does anyone have instructions for this or a link to a video that explains how to do this?

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Hi @ThoJo 

I have been using Canvas for 8 years, working in this community just as long, and working with HTML even longer. I have never heard of this, and doubt it, because Canvas Rubrics do not include an HTML editor - however, I have been wrong before more times than I can count.

However, you might find this blog from the great @James to be useful: Importing Rubrics from a Spreadsheet

Hopefully, others with more skill than I, will chime in and prove me wrong!


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