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Run report on number of posts submitted per student to discussion activity?

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Hello Canvas Universe,

I'm looking for a way that I can easily check who has submitted the full number of posts required for a discussion activity. For example, an initial post and reply to someone else (2 posts total) is required. I would love to be able to download a report that lets me know who hasn't submitted the reply yet so that I could send them a reminder.

I know I can manually check each student's submissions via speedgrader, but is there a way to do this more easily and on a larger scale?

Hoping for a solution,


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Hello @lynchj12 
I understand we are looking at student submissions inside a discussion, and want to be able to download a report showing how many times each student has posted a reply to the discussion thread, or see this in the Canvas interface somewhere on a large scale. 

The best way in Canvas to see that information would be to go into via the API

So in the browser it would be viewed

From the API we can look and see each response by filtering by a "user_id": which will show how many times a user has responded by how many different response entries show in the API.

It looks like viewing this in the Canvas interface in a way without searching is not a feature in Canvas right now unfortunately.

I would have to recommend to @Chris_Hofer mentioning this custom solution with those references as well as those look promising. 

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