S.O.S. allowing a student to take an exam, I somehow overwrote all other submissions

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I administered an exam to 30 students

All exams were submitted and graded. 

1 student was permitted to take the exam at a later date, after all other exams were graded. 

I (thought) I allowed only her to sit for the exam 

But what I apparently did, was reset the entire exam, and overwrote every exam allowing only her to take the exam. 

When I try to access speedgrader for the other students there is no exam to access - I cannot even overwrite this grade, it's locked. (however I can see my old comments from when I graded the exam ??) 

If I go to the student's grade page, it is absent 

if I do URL/udelete  it is not there. 

If I go to gradebook, grade history I see 10/30 students grades for the midterm only - but this does not help me because I need to have access to the exam (and I cannot overwrite the grade, canvas will not allow it) 

I am basically panicking. 

Thank you for any assistance you can provide. 

TLDR :  All exams overwritten, how do I retrieve.  Thank you. 

View of Canvas Speedgrader  

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I resolved it. 

When I added the last student in the quiz edit area, I removed the previous student's date of taking the exam. This is why their grade was locked in gradebook. 

Resetting the date to the time and day that they took the exam, allowed the grades to reappear in gradebook. and now I have full access to their exam. 

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