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SIF Integration with PowerSchool

We need help looking at the SIF settings for Canvas. Many rescheduled students, student section enrollments were dropped in PowerSchool; however they are not "dropping" from Canvas when they no longer exist in PowerSchool resulting in Students having many class enrollments showing active in Canvas when in fact they are not active class enrollments for students.

Was hoping we could somehow 'sync' PowerSchool student section enrollments with Canvas so that any that exist in Canvas but not in the PowerSchool file will be deleted/removed from the student section enrollments in Canvas. I don't see a setting in Kimono to 'set' section enrollment to delete when it's not contained in subsequent SIF import.

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I also have this question...furthermore, I'm wondering how we can not only remove those class enrollments, but also delete user accounts. It's a bit tedious to export records from PowerSchool to disable former teachers & staff, graduated students/students who've left, parents of those students, etc. If PowerSchool can push new teachers and students to Canvas via the SIF agent, one would think that it would be able to delete also? Oh, and we did turn on the "Report Delete Events" for StaffPersonal and StudentPersonal, but accounts are still staying active after they're marked as "No longer here" in PowerSchool. 

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