SIS Import Malformed CSV (Hidden Characters?)

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Hello Everyone,

I have a csv file that is extracted from our SIS (Infinite Campus) that triggers the "malformed csv" error message when trying to import with the SIS Import feature in Canvas.

I have used the documentation below to make sure that the csv file is actually formatted correctly.

Here is where it gets interesting. If I open the csv file and make no changes but save it using excel. The file size decreases by about 80 kb. Going from 580 kb to 500kb. The file can then be imported without triggering the "malformed csv" error. This makes me think there may be some hidden formatting characters that I cannot see.

Has anyone else encountered this issue or have any possible solutions?

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It turns out some of the data that was being imported had accented characters. So while the settings were all correct the data in the .csv file or the source needed to be cleaned better than it had been.

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