SIS import failure: " An existing Canvas user with the SIS ID blah has already claimed BLAh's user_id requested login information

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I'm trying to add the 'integration_id' fields to a batch of users (just working on Canvas TEST instance at the moment) but I'm getting the above error message when I come up with a csv file with 4 columns only:

integration_id, user_id, login_id and status 


(user_id, login_id and status are required; integration_id is what I'd like to add)


I am getting a warning for *each* user in the file .These are all existing users, so there's no question about them being duplicates. I'm simply trying to add a value to the 'integration_id' field in each of the users.


Any suggestions? (I've seen a similar post from a few years ago but I don't think the response applies, since I'm getting this for every single record in that csv).

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Hi @pgo586,

Try this format...  Leave new_id blank (since it's not being changed).  Also ensure you have the type column and for each line the value of that column is "user" (since this file can also update courses or other objects too).  I just tried this in my test instance and it added an integration_id to an existing user with the sis_id given.

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 5.50.26 PM.png


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