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Savvas External Tool: Creating an Extra Assignment

Suddenly, we are seeing strange behavior from the Savvas external tool integration. 

When teachers create the assignment & select "External Tool" submission type, they are able to select Savvas and pick their Savvas assignment.

However, when saving the assignment in Canvas...Canvas saves the current assignment as a blank assignment to the module and creates a 2nd assignment (with the correctly embedded Savvas item) in the "Assignments" location.

Has anyone else experienced this behavior?

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I just noticed something that was related to that.  I was building out Blueprint courses this morning and using the SAVVAS external tool to import content. Normally the content pieces come over as links.

Now when I add content to the module through the external tool the new content pieces are coming over as assignments and not as links.  Not quite the same thing but there seems to be a similarity.