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Skillsoft exam grades and grade sync in Canvas


I am an LMS admin and we are moving from Blackboard to Canvas. I configured the Skillsoft LTI 1.1 in Canvas based on the parameters the vendor provided. It's the same Launch URL, key/secret that we use in Blackboard. There are no custom parameters defined or required in the LTI setup. When testing graded exams in Skillsoft, the grades are not syncing to Canvas. In Blackboard, Skillsoft exam grades are syncing back to Blackboard just fine.

The Skillsoft Support team has confirmed via the LTI tool emulator @ that the grades are passing in the emulator's gradebook.  In Canvas I have set up similar LTIs (Manual Entry app with just the basic Launch URL, key/secret etc) that pass grades back to the LMS and there has been no issue.

Has anyone else set up the Skillsoft LTI app in Canvas and successfully see grades passed from Skillsoft back to the LMS?


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Hello @stevem777 ,

Thank you for contacting Canvas. Sorry for the late reply. but if you still are encountering this it would be best to speak to Canvas Support to look into this as it would be much easier to narrow down how to assist you with examples and links. you can contact them by following the steps here