Scaling problem when integrating H5P in Canvas

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We have been integrating succesfully H5P content to Canvas. Integrated content has shown fully and is has been visible on the left side of the page.

This week we encountered a problem. When adding new content or editing old one, the H5P screen goes in the middle of the page. Also, H5P content isn´t fully visible. You can see only half of the content and to see it fully, you need to scroll. 

Has anyone encountered this problem recently? Any solutions?

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The scaling issue you are reporting seems like it may be browser-related. I tried to replicate this issue on my end but was unsuccessful, the LTI displays normal on my end. Just to be sure, have you tried clearing your browser's cache using this guide to see if that helps? Or you could try another browser to see if that makes a difference. Does this issue occur with any other LTI? It would be helpful if you could provide a screenshot of the scaling issue. I hope this helps!

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