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We have to convert to letter grades at the end of the year at the high school, and we have broken down our SRG as follows -

4 - A (100-90%)

3 - B (80%)

2 - C (70%)

1-0 - F

Is there a way for me to set up the 'grading marks' to reflect this? Can I set the 'value' for the 4-3-2-1 like I can in Infinite Campus? 

Currently, if a student earns a 3 for a task, Canvas calculates that as 75%. So, we have been trying to circumvent this by assigning a '3.5' for a 3 and '3' for a 2. If we marked their task as a '2' it would actually be calculated as a 50% F rather than a 70% C. 

I know that I can change the Grading Scheme for the breakdown, but is there a way to change the way the actual grading marks are calculated? 


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Hello @dkaeppel 

Thanks for posting this in the Canvas Community! 

This is a great question! I know you can configure grading schemes in your course that can be used on assignments. You could play around with this and see if it would work for you. Specifically, if you are entering marks in for a task like an assignment, Canvas will allow you to select a grading scheme to be used for the specific task or assignment. From within the edit screen of the assignment, when you select the option for "Letter grade" under the the Display Grade As header as seen HERE

Of course, this would require you to configure the grading scheme to your needs. I am including THIS guide that goes over how to add a grading scheme. 


Let us know what you end up doing there. I am curious if using a custom grading scheme will work for what you are trying to accomplish. 


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