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Second attempts on quizzes

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If a student makes a second attempt at multiple choice questions on a midterm (classified on Canvas as a quiz), do their first answers disappear, especially essay questions?

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Hi @KathleenMalsch ...

The question would be...who do the answers disappear for?

  • If your student was doing another attempt on the quiz, the student would get a new copy of the quiz to complete where he/she would have to input all the answers again...including any essay questions you may have in the quiz.
  • If you are asking about you, yourself, being able to view past submissions of a student's quiz, you can do that via the SpeedGrader.  Check out the section called "Evaluate Multiple Submissions" in this Guide: How do I view the details of a submission for a st... - Instructure Community (canvaslms.com) where you can use a drop-down menu to see past submissions (organized by date/time) from student submissions.

Does this help to answer your question?  Please let Community members know...thanks!

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