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I have gone into settings and added the self-enroll option.  I then issued an email to a student account.  When the email is opened, and the link to the enrollment address supplied by Canvas I am sent to a page that says

Woops . . . . Page not found.

I tried the address with the class Published and with it Not Published.   

Any help is greatly appreciated.




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Hello @StephenBryant01 

Thank you for contacting the Instructure Community. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with setting up a self-enroll course. It sounds like you've already enabled it properly, and the student/user is getting an error clicking on the link itself. Just to ensure that you  have followed all of  the correct steps here is the Canvas guide:

You will  want the course published. Is it just one user who is having issues or  have you given the URL to anyone else? It could be their internet browser, device, or network and basic trouble shooting like clearing the cache and cookies, trying another browser, etc. are good ideas. Double check your course settings like the start date and if you allow students to view the course before said date. If none this works, there may be issues at the school  level  that is overriding your course settings but we would need more information. You could  also contact Canvas Support directly if need be. Hopefully this helps!   

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