Self Sign-Up Groups Staggered Opening

Community Member

One of our courses was using self sign-up for student groups and opened them during the class period hoping that all students could sign-up while together in class. Unfortunately, the groups staggered their opening slowly and it took over 30 minutes for all 8 of the groups to open, causing confusion with the self sign-up for students and a less than ideal experience for the faculty member hoping to keep class moving.

This type of situation has happened before in our program when using self sign-up with groups that, when opened, stagger the individual groups over a long period of time so that only some students can sign-up. I can't find any documentation that this is how self sign-up is supposed to behave as it would seem that all the groups should open at the same time. If anyone has any insight or has had a similar experience or solution, please let me know!