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How do I separate classes that are all put together to form groups.  Like all the sections are together for ease but now I want to separate each class into groups. 

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Hi  @rebecca_oliphan  - There is, thankfully, a very easy way to do this!  Follow the instructions outlined in this online lesson: The key part is enabling the checkbox Require group members to be in the same section.  That's pretty much it.  So if, for example, you have 3 sections mixed together and you simply want all the students from each section in their own group (3 groups total, 1 for each section) you can let Canvas do the work by using its ability to automatically create groups and simply specify 3 groups and enabling the checkbox mentioned above.  Presto!  Three groups will be created and all the students in each will be from the same section.

I hope this helps, Rebecca.

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