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I am beginning the process of setting up subaccounts for our college.  I was encouraged to do this for reporting purposes for assessing program outcomes.  I am trying to understand the process and have some questions and hope I can explain well enough to get some needed answers.
My initial thought is to make my hierarchy as College --> 4 departments ( 1. Business, 2. IT, 3. Health, 4. Arts, humanities & Social Sciences) --> Programs under each department.
The difficulty I am having in understanding is the gen eds.  How would I associate them with the program reviews?  For instance, MTH128 - Statistics is required for a number of programs.  Would we have to set it up such that MTH128_1000 section is specifically for the Networking Program, MTH128_1001 section is specifically or the Welding program and so on?  Then would MTH128_1000 be in the Networking Program subaccount and MTH128_1001 would be in the Welding program subaccount?
Thanks for your input.
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Hi @pdigiacobbe 

Generally speaking, you would not organize the sub-accounts based on which department or program requires a particular course, but on which department is responsible for teaching it.

Our sub-accounts are organized by College > Department > Subject.  At my school, a statistics class would be under Arts & Sciences (college) > Mathematics (department) > STAT (subject abbreviation, which is also part of the course ID).  

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