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My institution invited me to Canvas and I setup my account successfully but I was not asked about any username during registration process and my account is now setup.

There are clear guidelines from the institution that my username must be a number with which I am identified at institute. How do I add this as username.



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Community Coach

Hi @127526,

I would suggest reaching out to the Canvas support person/team at your school (usually in the eLearning / IT / Digital Education areas) to ask about this.  In most cases, the school will setup Canvas accounts the way they want them, but it sounds like perhaps your school did something different.  The community here is made up of Canvas users from around the world, and while we can provide a lot of guidance and answer a lot of questions, this particular one is not something with a definitive answer we can give you.

I'm sorry we couldn't get you a better answer immediately, but I'm confident your school will be able to help if you reach out to them.


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