Shortcuts to add "late/missing/excused" in grade book.

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At this point in time, I realize that Canvas will automatically fill in late/missing for me if I have a submission that is Canvas based. However, if there is an external tool assignment or something that I am manually entering (on paper or other site not supported in external tools), then I must manually select late/missing/excused in the grade book for each individual student. It takes an OBSENE amount of time. 

Has anyone discovered an add-on or other work around? 

The only other post I saw on this was that it was "solved" but the solution was that Canvas does this automatically for us...which is not the case in all situations. 

As a development, I would love to see Canvas allow that teachers can type in "mi", "L", or "ex" as keyboard short cuts or create a way to mass mark students who "haven't been graded yet". 

Any thoughts appreciated!

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