Socratic Seminar

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I seek to create the capacity to monitor and control a live social seminar in an in-person class on the Canvas platform.

Testing the following functions has not been successful. Any help from the community would be very much appreciated. 

The requirements are as follows:

On another topic, I seek creative assistance setting up Canvas to integrate with my in-person Socratic seminars. I say “creatively” because Canvas does not innately support Socratic seminars.

 I have tried a combination of (a) group and (b) peer review functions to accomplish these requirements.

 Break the class into two groups by random selection (people | teams): Team beta and Team Psi

  1. Assign preparation materials, reading, and research questions (Discussion post | Instructions)
  2. Create a Rubric (Rubric | discussion post)
  3. Conduct a seminar with team one as peer reviewers for team 2
  4. Conduct the same seminar, reversing roles
  5. Assign one-to-one peer reviewers mapped from team beta to team Psi
  6. Allow the Reviewer team to write their review into the rubric for their assigned peer review one-on-one on the others team and then reverse roles.

     Is there someone that could help me figure this out?


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