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Speed Grader - incomplete/complete greyed out

When using speed grader, I can not change the incomplete/complete grade, I can only make comments. I have to then return to the marks book to give a result.


I've checked all the previous thread and troubleshooting and I cant find where I can change this. 

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@CaseyGrant -

I created an assignment with the grading style you mentioned.  When i go into speedgrader I see 


Annotation 2022-09-21 094016.jpg

after I select a grade from the drop down, it goes to your view, but not having the dropdown grayed out.

Annotation 2022-09-21 094205.jpg

 I can change the grade from that dropdown if necessary.  I checked to see if it was past the until date if that affected the dropdown and it does not.

I am not sure why you are seeing what you are seeing.  Can you provide any other information about the settings on the assignment?



If the quiz remains unanswered then I can use the drop down but once a student submits their answers it greys out.


Its a very basic 3 question check-in quiz for students learning from home. 

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@CaseyGrant -

Are the questions ones that can be automatically graded (i.e. Multiple choice, True/False)?  Or are they questions that require you to grade(i.e. essay)?

My only guess is that all questions need to be graded for you to mark it as incomplete or complete.


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Do you mean grading the answers in speed grader on the left of screen, either ☑️ or ✖️.


I've done this I've added in a point value and nothing I do allows me to change the box. 


Is there another location that I would grade the answers.

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@CaseyGrant -

Well I have confused myself with this question.  Now I am seeing the same thing you are once a student submits a quiz, the assignment is marked complete and can't be changed in speed grader.  I tried to find an explanation of the complete/incomplete grading in the instructor manual and failed.

from what I am seeing now it seems that whenever an answer is supplied to a quiz, then it gets marked complete.  My guess is that it has to do with the grade obtained.  You could try playing around with possible scores for the quiz and questions (by the way this is all in New Quizzes).  I thought I could do incomplete/complete in classic quizzes but evidently not.

It is strange that speed grader is not allowing you to override (or just enter) a grade once the quiz has been taken.

I am unable to help any further - though I may play around with it some more.  It would be nice if someone from Canvas would see this and be able to chime in with how the complete/incomplete option works and how it interacts with speed grader.

I did a search on the community, and the following may help:



Thank you so much for helping out, we will try the work around in the thread you shared.

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@CaseyGrant Curious what type of assessment is this (Quiz [new or classic], assignment, discussion)?  I have a new quiz that is short answer/essay question and I am having the same issue as you on that one.  I can only change the status from the grades screen and not in speedgrader.  I had never noticed it before now as for this quiz, if they submit at all they are complete so I only use the grades screen to mark them.


@nwilson7 -

I wonder if you are seeing that for those specific questions because they still have to be technically graded before they are considered complete.  My thought is that if you graded those questions if the greyed out dropdown becomes a regular drop down.

I really don't know because I don't use the complete/incomplete grading or New Quizzes.

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I'm not sure what type, its been created from a template that we have used previously. I don't know if this is a new issue or just one that previous staff just worked around.

If a student hasn't submitted anything then the drop down works but once they have answered the question it greys out.
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