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How can I test the viewing of feedback in a quiz?

I've built the quiz, and put all the feedback for text-entry type in box 3 - general feedback regardless of whether it is correct or incorrect answer.  When I preview this in student view, those items only show 'Waiting for grade" not the feedback entered, while the MC and T/F ones show the correct answer.

How can I be sure my students will see the generic feedback?  I've also put the setting on to Show feedback immediately

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@RuthWinnett -

It sounds like you are using New Quizzes (but I don't think it would matter if this were Classic Quizzes).  Do you have general feedback for the MC and TF questions?  If so, do you see that in your view of the quiz in student view?  

What question types are not showing the general feedback?

Also what are the exact settings you are using?  Include a screenshot of the settings if possible.

For new quizzes I can see the general comments as a student - in the settings here I did not have anything checked.

For Classic Quizzes I have the let students see their answers checked and they can see the general comments for the question types I checked.


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Hi Ron

Here are some snips - first time btw

1. in edit in my item bank - it won't let me edit in the build anymore 

2. in student view - I clicked on 'see results'

3. the quiz settings

Hope you can help - I thought if I put the 'answers'/advice in the generic feedback - it would work - this is NOT a summative assessment piece, merely weekly tutorial tasks

Many thanks - Ruth


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@RuthWinnett -

pictures 2 and 3 are the key ones.  Picture 3 shows what should be the correct setup.  Picture 2 is indicating to me(I don't use New quizzes) that you probably have the grading set to manual for the quiz - this is changed in the gradebook.  When that is the case, the grade is hidden from the students until you post the grades.  if in the gradebook it says manual below the quiz title, then that is probably the issue.  Just click on the ellipses and go to grade posting policy and select automatic.  It may solve the problem right away, or you may actually have to grade the quiz for the change to take place.

let us know if that is not the case.


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Thanks so much Ron but unfortunately I don't have any students in my sandpit site - so I assume this is why the quiz is not showing in the Gradebook?

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