SpeedGrader loses feedback when there are multiple markers concurrently marking

Community Coach
Community Coach

Often marking for large classes are assigned to multiple markers (with some students assigned exclusively to each of those markers).

This creates an issue if these markers happen to be making concurrently. If while one marker is marking a submissions for, say "Student M" and another marker happens to browser through "Student M", e.g., by using the "Previous/ Next" arrows in SpeedGrader, then the feedback/ marks in the rubric are lost - even if Saved.

"Instructure recommends if you have graders that must be grading at the same time, graders should make sure that they are never on the same student as another grader. It is recommended that before they move to the next student they should refresh their browser before they begin entering scores on the next student otherwise data loss can occur."

We have in the past gotten around this issue by creating a section for each marker, so that the markers never cross paths, i.e., never land on the other's assigned student.

However, this is not feasible with our dissertation module, which is marked by literally scores of markers. Further, these are double-marked, i.e., each submissions is marked by two markers.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? If so, have you come across a workaround?