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SpeedGrader not saving comments on student docs

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SpeedGrader is not saving all of my comments written in a Magic Pencil on the .docx of .doc files students are submitting for grading.  About half of the comments at the bottom of the page are lost.  How do I make sure all of my comments on students' work is saved? Thanks.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

The solution for Speedgrader not saving annotations is to update to Canvas Teacher 1.6.3 or higher. This release included improved reliability of annotations in SpeedGrader, which includes a message that gives the user the status of the annotation. 


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Hi there,  @paula_hunt  Welcome to the Community!

Just wanted to clarify, here. When you refer to Magic Pencil, do you mean when you grade using the Teacher App? Are you referring to the Annotations on the document not fully being saved? (RE: ) Just want to clarify so we can best help you and try to get this figured out! Smiley Happy 


Yes, when I make annotations on the document using the pencil not all of them are saved after I enter the grade. In fact, most of my comments at the bottom of the document disappear. This is using the Canvas app on my iPad.


Paula Hunt, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow

Journalism and Communication

Utah State University

Hi  @paula_hunt ‌, 

Are you using the most recent version of the Canvas Teacher app? Earlier versions had an issue where hand-written annotations would disappear at times. Just want to make sure you are at the current version (1.2) before we try to diagnose this further. Thanks!


I am using Canvas version 3.18.6 and Teacher version 1.1.1


Paula Hunt, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow

Journalism and Communication

Utah State University

 @paula_hunt ‌, 

I suggest you update to version 1.2 that came out this week. It has some updates and bug fixes. Try this out and let us know if it fixes your issue. Thanks!

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I updated and my comments are still disappearing.

 @mary_powell ‌

It sounds like you should add your issues to this discussion - I'll cross link it for you. 

Issues with Comments in IOS teachers App 

The iOS team lead for Instructure has been monitoring this discussion to help solve these issues. Apparently they are fairly hard to diagnose and it doesn't happen for every user. 


I'm very sorry you're having issues with SpeedGrader. Like Ryan said, this is an isolated issue that we are working hard to diagnose. I'll update you as we discover what's happening.

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @paula_hunt ‌ and  @mary_powell ‌, It's been a few months since there has been activity on this thread. Is either of you still experiencing the disappearing comments with SpeedGrader on Canvas Teacher? If so, what happens? If not, what was the fix? I really hope that everything has resolved for you through the regular updates to your device and the app. Looking forward to hearing from you. Smiley Happy