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Speedgrader Error Message

I am in Speedgrader for an assignment trying to grade an uploaded Google Doc.  This is a new assignment to grade, but when I go to another student’s that was already graded a few weeks ago, I am getting the same message.  I closed out Canvas and went back in and it said the same thing.   

The error message reads:

We're sorry, but something went wrong.

If you are the application owner check the logs for more information.

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Something seems to have wonky with the Google Cloud assignment last night.  My music teacher forwarded me emails from students who got the same error message.

Community Member

I am having the same issue trying to create assignments. Any luck resolving it? 


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We have the same issue. Right in the middle of grading. 😞

Here was the chat reply I got...

"Thank you so much for your patience. I was able to find an engineering tracker for this issue. I will be able to add your case to that tracker and as we correct this behavior we will reach out to you directly by email. I show that they see it is affecting multiple users. We are working with Google to get this straightened out."