Speedgrader isn't showing student freeform comments in peer-review rubric

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I have been using the rubrics for peer-review assignments for several years, and this is a new problem. When I open the speedgrader and go to a student's submission that Canvas indicates has received peer review, there is nothing in the speedgrader rubric that I see. When I go through the Peer Reviews link in the assignment home page, I can see that Jennifer has done the review in the rubric. When I click on Stacey's name and then "show rubric" - I see Jennifer's comments. So this is an instructor-view problem. Why aren't the comments showing up in the speedgrader, where I can usually see the freeform comments? 

I'm glad the students can see the feedback - and I can navigate the extra steps, but this is going to get tedious with 90 papers to grade over the weekend. 

Thanks for any help.

Callie P.