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I see that when I create an assignment that needs an upload, I can limit the file format types that students are allowed to upload. But when I create a new assignment, I either have to type out (or copy and paste) my list of file formats again.

Is there a way to create a default list of file formats that students are allowed to upload? It could be a default for the course, or for my login (across all of my courses).

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Community Coach

@RadLL ...

You might try creating an unpublished assignment in your course to use as an assignment "template" that includes all the settings you'd want to use for those specific kinds of assignments.  Then, use the "Duplicate" function to make a copy of that assignment, and it should keep those settings for you.  I tried this in my own sandbox course, and it worked as expected.  Hope this helps!

How do I duplicate an assignment?

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