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I am a grading specialist for Mizzou Academy and today when I was grading assignments, the student's assignment stopped showing up in Speed Grader.  All of the other information and parts of Speed Grader were accessible, as well as my DashBoard, courses, and email, but just the actual assignment wouldn't load??  

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Community Coach

It's frustrating, @slbillman11, when we're unable to see a student's submission. When I encounter situations like these I begin with refreshing the browser, then I try another browser, and finally I download the submission to view it from my local computer. At any point along the way, I contact my local help desk and/or use the contact support link from the Help menu in Global Navigation to report the problem. 

It's been a few days since you posted this and you were doing something time sensitive, so I hope that you were able to access the student submission quickly. 

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