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Student Peer Review Tool?

Hi, I am a new instructor with 100 students. Is the end of quarter and I want students to review their teammate who are in the same team with them (e.g., Student A give score to B and C; Student B gives score to A and C etc). Ideally the score will be auto-calculated for what each student gets (e.g. On average, student A gets score 4 out of 5)

I realized that there is no this function in Canvas. Anyone has suggested tool? I have 100 students so has to be something less manually calculation...Thank you! 

p.s. I am surprise that Canvas doesn't have this function 😞

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I have my students submit their Google Doc's link from the share button using the weblink option in an assignment page. Then I assign the peer review in that same assignment page. I can then assign the peer reviews individually or automatically (at random). The student then clicks on the other student's name and it opens up to a page that has the link to their Google Doc. They then open the Google doc and leave feedback there. But to have it checked off as completed in Canvas, I have them leave their overall comment in Canvas and then it checks off that the peer review has been finished.


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FeedbackFruits allows this for student assignments and/or group contribution. As a teacher, you can create a rubric and students can give feedback to each other's assignments or group contribution using that rubric (giving scale rating for each criteria they review). The grades are automatically calculated and passed to Canvas gradebook (it is integrated with Canvas) but you can assign custom weights to each criteria if you wish. You can use their Peer Review tool for assignment and Group Member Evaluation tool for group contribution.