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Student Submission Shows Up In Greek??

I have a student Discussion submission that showed up in Greek for some reason. The student didn't write it in Greek and the other students in class can see it in English. Any thoughts?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @badams7 

From the screenshot, it doesn't look like the text is actually in Greek.  Rather, it looks like there is some kind of formatting/font switch issue going on.  If you view the post in raw HTML mode, do you see any formatting tags indicating a font switch?

If you're the only one seeing it that way, do you see the same thing with a different browser, or with browser plug-ins disabled on you current browser?

I agree with @mzimmerman  that there must be some wonky HTML code involved. As the instructor, you can "edit" the discussion post to remove the wonky code.

@badams7  - I suspect that your student is composing the text in another software program and then copying and pasting it into Canvas. Suggest that he directly compose his message in Canvas.