Student pushing through Module requirements by uploading blank documents.

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I have set up a series of modules that require students to work through a series of assignments in sequential order with some assignments requiring a submission and quizzes requiring a minimum score to progress.

I have a student who is purposely bypassing the requirements by submitting blank documents (Google Docs) so that he can keep going without completing the submission assignments.

Now that this student has unlocked the further assignments is there a way to delete the blank submission and force the student back into the original order? Obviously I plan on having a talk with the student about this, but the information may be helpful for the future in case this happens again.

Is there a way to delete or flag the submission for student review? A way to prevent them from moving forward until they have addressed it? And can it reset them to the appropriate place in the module?

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As instructors, we cannot delete student submissions. So once a student has submitted something, even a blank document, that submission will be permanent. And, that means that the module requirements have been satisfied and the student can progress. There's no reset for this.

In addition to having a conversation with the student, limit the submissions to assignments to 1 submission. At some point, the student is going to realize that he's getting 0s on all of his work, and he can't upload documents with actual work. 

You can also set the requirements for "score at least" instead of "submitted" for assignments. Of course, this will require you to keep up with the grading, but it will prevent this student from moving forward.

I'm more inclined to go with "Hey, you used it your submission with a blank document, and here's your 0" approach. 

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