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why does student view of assignments have a different order than instructor view?

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Hi  @rreich1  Welcome to the Canvas Community. I have to explain this to faculty at my own institution when doing training, and it's good that you used the Student View!  Use it often!

I cannot fully answer your "why" question, other than I believe Canvas designers felt that students would want to know what is DUE first.  And that's exactly how students generally view the Assignments page:  in reverse chronological order by due date. You may want to know that students can view Assignments in a similar way that you can by clicking the VIEW BY TYPE button at the upper-right.  This is explained in the student's online documentation  here:  How do I view Assignments as a student? and here:  That said, Canvas will always revert to the default view every time a student views the Assignments page.

For what it's worth, if you wanted to more fully control exactly how students view a course, you may want to eventually think about using modules.  With modules, you can disable most the other menu items other than a select few and have students pretty much see the class the way you want them to.  There is a bit more on modules starting here: How do I use the Modules Index Page? and a video overview here: .

I hope this helps a bit, Robert.

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