Students can't SAVE work in text editor?

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Is this for real?

The SAVE feature *literally* exists on every major, minor, and back-street word processor / text editor ever created on any computer in the whole history of computers –except this text editor.
This is a pretty big problem which affects 100% of my students. This is basic functionality. I’m not asking for voice recognition here.

<very snarky tone>
You know how we give students pencils and paper together, not separately? You know how we have the students *write* on the paper --not in the air? Does anyone know why that's been a paradigm in education since paper was invented 2000 years ago?
</very snarky tone>

I understand there is work being done on an Auto-Save feature which *might* save your work?

<extremely snarky tone>
Because when you need to SAVE the work that you did for hours and hours, what you really need is to *MAYBE* SAVE... You know, in case the power went out or something. Not because you're going to do part of an English assignment now, then go to another class, and then finish the English assignment later... That never happens...
</extremely snarky tone>

I'm stunned. This is like building a fireplace out of hydrogen. It's like keeping the puppy treats locked in a safe made out of puppy treats...

<needs to be, but isn't 1000 times snarkier>
So far I've read about work-arounds using Google Docs, Ms Word, in essence any other text editor on the planet... Yes. That's it. Fixed. Good job, Instructure --you've created an LMS which works great if you do all your work on another LMS.
</needs to be, but isn't 1000 times snarkier>

Is this okay with everyone?  How is this not on the top of the questions list?  I see questions here about people trying to save work when switching the teacher of record once in a blue moon --not when the bell rings everyday?   Am I in the Twilight Zone again?  Do I have cataracts on my third eye?  Is social media using new algorithms?  What gives, Canvas Community?

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