Students seeing each other using conferences tool?

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I did a practice session using the Conferences tool in Canvas today. There were two students in the session using webcams and I could see them, but they all said they could only see me. I thought they would be able to see each other. Is it possible for them to see each other when I am "lecturing"? I know they are able to see each other if I do smaller group conferences, where I have created groups or teams, correct?

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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

Hi  @rinsky17 , as a temporary measure to conserve bandwidth and maintain the stability of conferences, the ability for student's webcam data to be sent to all other students has been disabled. This is not permanent but it is necessary to prevent student's connections to the conference from being compromised currently.

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For all students to see each other’s webcams, follow the directions below: 

1.       Click the gear by the users list 

2.       Click Lock viewers 



3.       Click to enable the “See other viewers webcams” 

4.       Click Apply 




You will need to do this for each Conference. 


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