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Students unable to access re-assessment document


An re-assessment task that has been added to Canvas is not working. The document has been added, however, the students can not access the document and so cannot resubmit

Can you please help

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Community Coach
Community Coach

HI  @pamelajones5  Welcome to the Canvas Community.

I would check to see if the document is published and that any copyright details have been addressed. 

This guide will help with that. How do I set usage rights and user access for a course file?

Sing out if you need a hand. 

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Hi Bobby,

Yes, it is published, and there is no alert that it has copyright issues. It is a resubmission, of a previous document.

AT1 Re-submission for City and Bundoora

Warm regards


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Hi Bobbie,

This is what the students see


HI Pamela

Thanks for the image.

This is something I have not come across. Have you approached Canvas Support for help?  This will help.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

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Thanks Bobby, I'll try that. Ia appreciate your help

Warm regards