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Studio - Screen Recorder crashes when recording Screen and Webcam

Hi all, I'm encountering a problem with screen recording both screen and webcam using Studio.

MacOS Big Sur 11.6 (not updating to Monterey until everything is supported)

I can open Screen Recorder from my browser inside Studio (Chrome and Firefox, current builds), record screen and save recordings to Studio. When I choose to record the webcam from inside the Screen Recorder app, or choose both Screen and Webcam, the app crashes every time.

I can record the webcam from using the Webcam Record only function from the Studio Record dropdown, but this doesn't give the ability to record both screen and webcam.

I've completely cleared and reinstalled the app, also tried to download the latest standalone app from Screencast-O-Matic directly, but the issue persists. I'm back to the link provided by Studio.

I've checked all permissions in MacOS system preferences, and screen recorder/microphone is allowed. I don't have the option in the Camera permissions to add Screen Recorder which may be the issue - I've checked, it's not in the list at all.

I can see this issue has popped up in the past (

It feels like it's an issue with the app itself, but seeing as it's provided by Canvas I'm hoping there is an answer here. Anyone have a fix, or is this on anybody's radar?

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Hello @CalebGarfinkel 

Thanks for posting in the Community! I understand that you are having some issues with the Screen Captura option in Studio crashing the app and I want to help. the Screencast tool is not developed by Canvas, although we do want to help if it is giving you difficulty. We previously had a version of the Screencast called Screenrecorder Launcher. If you have this previous version downloaded, delete that.

We should be using Screencast-O-Matic v2.0.

If you are seeing a crashing behavior, and deleting and uninstalling the app does not help. Checking your permissions would be the next step. Also checking your system requirements to see if they meet these requirements: What are the computer specifications for Canvas Studio?

Also, if you have already downloaded the recorder launcher, and are deleting and reinstalling, try to delete first, then restart the computer, then try to download again via the prompt in Studio.

If these steps are unsuccessful, please reach out to us at Canvas support. 

How do I reach out to Canvas Support?

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I realize that this is a few months old, but I am experiencing this identical issue. Did you even find a fix? Thanks!

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