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Submit button missing

Help to solve the mystery of the missing Submit button!

That mischievous little button appears for everyone else - just not little Jane Doe! Is he playing hide and seek? Has he lost his way to her assignment?

Wherever could he be??

I have a student for whom the submit button does not show up on her assignments. It shows up for everyone else - she is in the Chrome browser, her stats are set correctly, the assignment is set correctly. Please advise me as to how I can help her!






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Coach Emeritus

Hi  @christinemoore 

This is hard to trouble-shoot from a distance; and while helpful, we really are not Canvas Support. I'll throw a couple of things out the window and see if they fly.............

Beyond those, I would strongly suggest submitting a Support ticket 

Let us know how this plays out. It could be very useful to others.