Switching from New Quizzes to Classic?

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Hello, and thanks in advance for any advice!

In creating a new demo course, I opted to use New Quizzes instead of Classic and then foolishly checked the "remember this selection" box. Unfortunately, New Quizzes do not work for my context (don't copy over correctly between courses) but it seems that I am stuck with them in my demo course. Is there a way to "un-remember" the type of quiz, so I can switch back to Classic? I have no idea where to look.




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You can reset your quiz engine choice from the Quiz Options menu at any time.

In your course navigation, click Quizzes. Then, click the three dots or options menu near the top-right of the screen. Here, you'll find the option to reset your quiz choice for the course.

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 8.59.14 AM.png




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