Tables and Images Not Formatting/Resizing

Community Novice

The table functionality is not working properly in my courses.

When trying to add a table: I click on the table icon and there is no caret next to "Table" (image attached). This used to open the grid view to the right of the menu where you could select the rows and columns you wanted to create. Now nothing is there. When I click on "Table" it takes me to table properties when I can enter the number of rows and columns I want.

When trying to resize a table (or any images): The table does not let me select the border to be able to drag and make it larger or smaller.  

I have tried adding a new page, but the table/image issues happen even on new pages.

So, I tried starting a new course and the same issue. So it's not just an issue with my course, it's any course. I have also tried clearing my cache, logging out, and restarting my computer. Still the issue persists.