Tables and the Rich Content Editor

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Greetings all,

I've been using Canvas and the Rich Content Editor for years now and have been wondering about something for all that time that I hope one of y'all might be able to help with.

I work in a Nursing school where many of our clinical courses are quite complex and so the standard modules and basic page layout options we use for lecture courses just aren't enough.

So, instead, we use tables on our content pages.

And, as you may know, editing tables in Canvas can be... frustrating.

In a perfect world, we'd be able to edit them as easily in Canvas as we can in Word. But we can't. 

So, my question is, has anyone come up with a work flow that actually works to quickly and easily create tables on a Canvas page?

for example, formatting a table in Word is easy, but then copying and pasting it into Canvas deletes most of the formatting and you're left with all text and no CSS. And, I'd love if there were a way to transfer content from one tool (i.e., Word) into Canvas without loosing fidelity.

I hope that all makes sense and thanks in advance for any wisdom you might be able to share.

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