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When enabling tasks for specific users after the task expiration closes, these results have been overwritten for the original task. How can I recover the original results?

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Hi @carloscruzqi 

If you are giving a different due/availability date to a specific student, cannot remove the initial dates that were assigned to "Everyone".  You must do this by clicking "+Assign" and entering the student's name and their dates.  That will leave "Everyone Else" with the original dates, and only the specific student with the new dates.  See https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Instructor-Guide/How-do-I-assign-an-assignment-to-an-individual-s... 

To restore the other grades, you will need to click "+Assign" and choose "Everyone Else", then enter the original dates.  There is a more detailed explanation at https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Canvas-Question-Forum/Missing-grades-after-reopening-a-quiz/m-p/1... 

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