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Test Students, LTIs, and Budget Concerns

Like most Universities we have quite a few integration points in Canvas using LTI,  Many of the apps are paid resources that charge by user license.  What we've noticed is any faculty that uses the Student View functionality with external tools, those Test Students are being passed through LTI to the tool as real users.   This becomes problematic since with many of those Apps it consume licenses.   In our environment, Student View is very popular so it has become an issue, especially with some of the premium higher cost external tools.   My question to the community is have you seen this as well, and does anyone have best practices for controlling this?

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Yes, this recently came up in an IMS LTI workgroup meeting where it was proposed to add a new role for the test student user. We've also had conversations with partners/integrators and are also evaluating adding a static email address to this user as well for them to easily identify.