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Time Limits with Assignments

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How do we get the ability of a time limit on assignments the way it is with Quizzes?

I teach math asynchronously without a set meeting time, and I write quiz/test problems with answers that can fill up a page or two each.  I need to give them a time limit for the quiz/test.  What would work beautifully for me is to have a time limit for an assignment.

Using Quizzes will not work.  There is no way to annotate solutions effectively and efficiently using speedgrader within Quizzes, but there is in Assignments.

I have asked peers how they do it.  None have been able to work within the Canvas system without a compromise of the integrity of the test or without a very labor intensive solution.

Let me ask again, can a time limit be added to Assignments?

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@ryest There is not a time limit option with assignments.  There are available from and until times which gets close to time limits but there is no clock or count down and because of that, I think it might cause more issues than it is worth if students try and submit after the "until" time.

There are some feature request ideas you may be interested in as most of what you are requesting for quizzes has been requested.


Similarly this one for docs to be viewed without downloading if you are having the students upload their responses (was not sure if you have students respond with an upload or a text box).


Also, adding a time limit to assignments has been requested:


I know this really does not help now but it is nice to know others are asking for it so maybe it will get added 😉


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That solution is not.  It has not been solved.  So this is the absurd work around I came up with:

1.  I created both a quiz and an assignment. 

2. Students access the assignment first, as it is titled "Test 1" or whatever.  The quiz is titled "Do Not Start Here".

3. In the write up for the assignment, students are provided a link and access code for the quiz.

4. By clicking on the link and entering the access code, the clock has begun.

5. The quiz contains a link to the PDF of the test.  

6. Students download and work the test.

7. Students scan and upload their work to the assignment, not to the quiz.

8. I compare the log in time with the submission time for over 100 students.

This is absurd.  

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