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As a special education teacher whose students need support with late/missing assignments over multiple classes, is there a place I can see the following information:

1. Each student's To-Do list with all the classes combined

2. A list of their missing/late assignments for all the classes combined


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Community Team

Hi @Emily40 -

I'm sorry that your question has been unanswered for so long!

Unfortunately, there is not a perfect place to view this. Though the List View of the Dashboard helps.

What's your current role with the students' classes? If you're an Observer of the student, you could use the Canvas Parent app and see all of that information in one place. It could be nice too, as you can set custom alerts for each student and view ONLY one student at a time.

What is the Canvas Parent app? 

The initial set-up could take some time, but with the help of your local Canvas admin, it may help you a lot! You'd be able to see submissions and other information from the courses outside yours as well. That would help you understand growth and achievement across the board. 🙂

If you'd like to collaborate more, please let me know. I'd be happy to help you think of creative ways for you to best help and coach your students.

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