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I’m a student and the canvas app is very vital for day to day use on my main academic tool, the iPad.

I have to express frustration with the latest update as if the trend of attractiveness being prioritized over ACTUAL FUNCTION continues, but now the fundamentals such as chronological order are being tossed out the window in exchange for .... an announcement widget?

Before the update nearly 2 days ago the TODO list was perfect. It was in order, clean, and worked how it should.

Opening the app today revealed to me how broken it is. As of now the dated assignments shown up in the incorrect order. The assignment due on 26th appears before the 22nd which precede the 23rds assignments and so forth. This is such a critical feature as you want to TRUST this all in one quick access list to the rest of your assignments but now it forces you to use the cramped and very bad calendar feature. 

Not sure if anyone noticed this bug already but this is definitely going to lead to headaches, and might’ve already caused some.

thanks. Good wishes to the development team for always trying to improve the app. 


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Have you reported this to Canvas Support?  The Canvas Community is mostly made up of Canvas users and while I'm glad you share this here, it's going to get much better traction in terms of fixing a bug (I'd call this a bug) if you report it to support.  In the Canvas web interface you can do so by clicking the Help icon on the left side of Canvas and then Report a Problem.  In Canvas Student you click the three lines in the upper left to get to the Help and then should have the same options.  Since you've already written this up pretty well here, you might just provide a short summary and then link to this page with your full explanation.  I agree with you that a chronological order makes most sense so hopefully this was just an oversight or something that they can correct.


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